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Q. How is sex like a card game?
A. If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand!

Q. What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann and the Pillsbury Dough Boy?
A. A red headed bitch with a yeast infection.

Q. What does a good bar and a good woman have in common?
A. Liquor in the front and poker in the back!

Q. Why do girls have belly-button rings?
A. So you can hang an air-freshener!

Q. Why does the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs?
A. He doesn't want anyone knowing he's been fucking the chickens!

Q. What's the quickest way to clear out a men's restroom?
A. Say: Hey, nice dick!

Q. What's the difference between parsley and pussy?
A. Nobody eats parsley.

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