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A man is walking along the road one day and stumbles upon a bottle. Curiously, he picks it up. When he does, a Genie pops out. The Genie said,"I am a Genie, and you are now my master. I must grant you only one wish."

The man, in utter amazement, thinks long and hard about how he will use his one wish. He realizes that he already has money, and thinks of something nobody else has. He says, "ok Genie...let's see you turn my piss into Vodka."

With a nod of the head the Genie replies,"your wish is my command, it shall be done." Skeptical, the man hurries home and gets a glass. He pisses in the glass and says, "hmmm...smells like Vodka." He tips the glass up and says,"taste like Vodka." And after consideration he says, "best damn Vodka I ever had."

Later that evening his wife walks through the door. The man runs up to her, pisses in a glass and insisted that she try. She took the glass and said, "hmmm...smells like Vodka." She tips the glass up and says, "taste like Vodka." After consideration she too said it's the best damn Vodka she ever had. For the next week, the wife walks in and she and her husband sit and drink.

One night she walks in and notices that there's only one glass on the counter. She asks her husband,"honey, why is there only on glass on the counter?" He replies with a smile,"because tonight baby, you're drinking from the bottle."

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