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This lady was in a pet shop, when she spotted this parrot, and fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. She went to the shop owner and told him that she'd like to buy the bird. He said he would sell it to her, but he warned her that the bird had been brought up from a chick in a brothel, and had picked up some of the lingo. The woman said that she'd still like to have the bird, her kids were old enough to tolerate any bad language.

So she purchased the bird and took it home and put it in the lounge room. When she took the cloth off the cage, the parrot gave a squak, then said, Wow, how about this, a new brothel and a new madame!

I'm not your madame, and this is not a brothel! the woman exclaimed, but laughed.

A little after that her two daughters arrived home, at which the bird skwarked again. Wow, how about this, a new brothel, a new madame, and two new whores! The girls were shocked, but they all had a laugh, after all, they could all see the funny side of things.

Afterward, the woman's husband come home. At that, the bird said Ah, how about this, a new brothel, a new madame, two new whores, but the same old customers. How are ya Tony?

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