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An old farmer was having trouble getting his bull to breed with the cows and was lamenting the fact to a few of his friends down at the local beerhall.

One of them said, "Ya know, Ben, I used to have the same trouble with my bull, but I got it fixed really quickly."

"How did you get it fixed?" asked the farmer.

"Well, I just dipped my finger in the cow's vagina and rubbed it all over the bull's nose and he got right after her," his friend said.

Ben went home to the farm and decided to try it. He grabbed a cow, dipped his fingers in the cow's vagina, and rubbed it all around the bull's nose.

The bull got a rip-roaring boner and jumped on the cow immediately. Ben was impressed. That night, Ben got into bed with his wife and couldn't get the effect on the bull out of his mind. As she lay sleeping, Ben dipped his fingers into his wife's vagina. Feeling that it was nice and wet, he rubbed it all around his nose and got a rip-roaring hard on. He quickly shook his wife awake and cried out, "Honey, look!"

She rolled over, turned on the light and said, "You mean you woke me up in the middle of the night just to show me that you have a nosebleed?"

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