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In a first grade class the teacher was teaching the five senses. When the teacher got to the sense of taste, she had taste test for the students. Steve was up first. The teacher put a piece of orange in Steve's mouth and asked, "Okay Steve, what is it?" Steve replied, "Oh that's easy! It's orange."

The teacher put a picece of apple in Steve's mouth and asked, "Okay Steve, what is it?" Stve replied, "This is easy too! It's apple."

The teacher then put a Hershes Kiss chocolate in Steve's mouth and asked, "What is it?" Steve replied, "I'm not sure. I don't know." The teacher gave Steve a clue, "It's something that mommy gives daddy every night before she goes to bed." All of a sudden Johny yells out from the back of the room, "Spit it out Steve! It's a piece of ass!"

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