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A man was asked by his friends if he could go out drinking with them. He said he couldn't because his wife would get mad at him for staying out late.

So they told him that when he got home, he should climb in the bedroom window and have oral sex with his wife. They reasoned that she would enjoy it so much, she'd forget about how long he had stayed out. So the man agreed to do it.

That night, when he got home, he carried out the plan. He climbed up and through the bedroom window, grabbed the shadowy figure of his wife in the darkness, and without speaking a word, engaged in oral sex with her.

After ten minutes of much moaning and groaning from his wife, he realized he had to use the bathroom. So he excused himself to go and answer nature's call.

Upon entering the bathroom, he saw his wife in the shower. "What are you doing here!!!" he yelled.

"Shh!!!" she whispered, "You'll wake my mother!"

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