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A woman walks up to a guy at a bar who is really buff and good looking, his only downfall is that he has a tic tac head.... (small head, use your imagination) She is totally interested in him, so she asks if she can sit next to him and he says "Sure, why not? But haven't you noticed my tiny head?" She replies, "Yes, but I want to get to know you though! Start with how come your head is so small?" Okay, he replies "I once was walking through a swamp and I heard this little voice wimpering out "Help me, Kiss me!" At first I didn't pay attention to it, but after a little while, I went up to it (a little frog) and I took it up to my ear. I now heard it say "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a gorgeous princess and grant you three wishes!" So I looked around and saw that no one was there, so I gave it a quick peck on the lips, surely enough, it turned into a gorgeous princess that told me that I now had three wishes.

I looked down at my scrawny 6'3, 110 lbs-body and decided that I needed to be a little buffer if I ever wanted to get anywhere with women, so I wished for a body like Marky Mark Wahlberg, which was granted. Then, looking at her gorgeous body, I thought to myself, well, I'm 33 and I'm a virgin, so I wished her to have sex with me, which she promptly did.

When we were done having the greatest sex ever had by man, she rolled off of me and we both lit a cigarette. When that was done, she rolled over and whispered in my ear that I still had one more wish, so I whispered back to her,


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